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Santa Barbara

Best Santa Barbara Wineries

Santa Barbara is a big wine region in California. It has one of the best wine tastings you can experience in your life. If you are looking to discover new wineries then Santa Barbara wine is what will make you very satisfied. They offer over 150 wineries and about 170 tasting rooms which makes it one of the largest wine regions in California.

Santa Barbara offers a wide diversity of wine variety because of where it is located. On one side it is close to the Pacific ocean and on the other side to the mountain. Different weather region makes the wine to be different from a location to another, for example, the warm weather of certain region allows cabernet to fully ripen. This climate change allows Santa Barbara wine to have a wine for every taste. it is very easy and enjoyable to go from one winery to another.

People can use a bike ride or they can walk there. The perfect location of the Santa Barbara valley has made all these features happen. If you are planning for a date or a business drink or you are just looking to discover a new wine country, this place is one of the wine countries that you must visit.

There are many room tasting and many wineries that you won’t be able to visit them all with just one visit. To make it easier for you we are going to introduce some of the best wine tasting rooms and some of the best wineries so you can go there with a great plan to visit the best places.

Best Santa Barbara room tasting

  • Au Bon Climat: This tasting room is located in a Spanish style building in Santa Barbara wine country. It is one of the oldest tasting room that started to produce wine way before Santa Barbara become a great region for wine tasting. They offer more than 100 different wines. They have over 30 years of experience and have no rush in selling newly made wines. They let the wines age as much as they can to maximize the enjoyment of it. This place would be an ideal wine tasting room for a birthday or any kind of celebrations. You can also customize your wine tasting packages. Wine and food pairing will give you the ultimate experience for wine tasting.
  • Margerum tasting room: Although Margerum tasting room is only founded in 2001 it has been a major figure of the Santa Barbara wine country. The owner has over 30 years of experience in food and wine and you can be sure to find world-class wines in this tasting room. Margerum tasting room is located just next door to Au Bon Climat. So if you are already planning to see Au Bon Climat then you must stop for a great experience at Margerum tasting room as well.
  • Deep sea tasting: This great tasting room is located at the beach by the Pacific ocean. There is a huge terrace for people to use which they can see the perfect view of the whole Santa Barbara islands. This tasting room is perfect for a romantic date. Wine tasting and getting a little bit of sun. apart from the great view and the great location, the amazing quality of the wines makes this place a must-see among the Santa Barbara wineries and tasting rooms. If you are planning to discover the amazing Santa Barbara wine then this room tasting must be a top priority.
  • Grassini family vineyards: This tasting room is very dog-friendly and offers a variety of wines that the produce from their own farm and they make sure that they make the best quality wines. This is one of the tasting room that has a patio and an outdoor space for people to enjoy their wine tasting. There are restaurant and boutiques near this place that you can go to, after your wine tasting. Which makes it more fun to visit this place.
  • Riverbench vineyard and winery: This is located just a few steps away from the beach. The location is beautiful and you will enjoy a great view. This tasting room was founded in 1973 and because of the great quality of their fruit so many other wine producers buy from them for their own wine production. You can enjoy your wine tasting in a glass or in a bottle. This is one of the greatest and oldest tasting rooms and winery you must visit on your trip to the wine country.
  • Kunin wines: This amazing tasting room is located just a block away from the beach downtown. They offer a variety of wines to the visitors as well as blends.

Some of the best wines of Santa Barbara

There are many other wines that you can find in different tasting rooms in Santa Barbara wine country, you can enjoy great quality wines and take home a couple of bottles for yourself. This place has different wines for every taste because of the different weather condition in different areas they are able to produce different wines. If you want to plan to celebrate a birthday or have any other celebration or even have a romantic date you can find a great place to enjoy your time with world-class wine and great food and great view.

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