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Remove Red Wine From A Rug

How to Remove Red Wine from a Rug

Red wine is one of the finest beverages in the world, however it does have one particular problem: it is an excellent fabric or rug dye. If the unexpected has just happened and you have no idea how to save your valuable rug, don’t worry; you probably have all the things you need in your laundry room or kitchen to get the red wine stain out.

  • Do Not Scrub

This is extremely important. Don’t let anyone near the red wine spill with a wet sponge or scrub brush. Tell them to step away from the spill because rubbing the wine stain in will only make things worse and you might not ever get it out afterwards.

  • Get the Wine Out

Before applying any cleaning techniques or cleaning materials, it is recommended that you get as much of the red wine out as you possibly can. A wet vac is the right tool for the job. It is ideal for both cheap rug and antique rugs. If you don’t have it, then you should put about a dozen paper towels on top of each other over the red wine spill and then put some weight over that stack to keep them in contact with the rug. Every 15-20 minutes, switch out the old paper towels to new paper towels until the wine is out.

Some experts recommend pouring baking soda or salt on the red wine spill to soak it up. For both expensive and cheap rugs, baking soda is almost always a better choice. With salt, you have the risk of creating a reaction, potentially making the red wine stain more persistent.

  • Apply a Cleaning Solution

Once you are sure that all the wine is up, it is time to apply a spot cleaner solution. If you don’t have such solution, then it is recommended that you use white vinegar, club soda, or a few drops of hand dish washing soap along with hot soapy water.

Depending on the type of rug you have spilled the red wine on, some cleaning agents may only dilute the wine. If you have completely saturated the rug down to the foam below, then it will be quite difficult for you to soak up all that water. So, after getting the spill area wet with vinegar, soda, or whatever, it is recommended that you get another 3-4 stacks of dozens of paper towels and repeat the wicking exercise until the stain area is completely dry.

  • Repeat if Necessary

If you get unlucky and still have a wine stain on your rug, then it is recommended that you repeat the cleaning solutions wetting and use more paper towels. It’s very rare to have to go through all the steps a third time, even for cheap rugs. In case you are unable to remove the red wine stain, you should consider hiring professional help. But don’t delay as the longer you wait the more difficult it would be for the professionals to remove the stain from your precious rug.

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