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Marketing Tips for Smaller Wineries

Being a small winery does not mean you have to be mediocre in your approach to marketing. There are great opportunities to grow your company in traditional marketing as well as digital marketing. You must bear in mind that marketing is the method through which you will claim a portion of customers’ interest and ultimately sales. Marketing is essential in a market like the wine business. there are major companies such as Costco that is absorbing many private label brands and craft beverages and successfully marketing to millennials.

Do not let this fact scare you. In the 21st century, there is a multitude of strategies that you can employ to market your wine business. One of the methods that can be put to use immediately is digital marketing. You might say that you do not have the know-how, but guess what? That’s okay. You could hire a digital marketing consultant to do the work for you. In addition to digital marketing, there are a number of things that you can do as a small wine business to increase your sales. This article will focus on a few tips for marketing a small business winery.

Begin by Understanding Your Numbers
Knowing the numbers that govern your business and sales is very fundamental to the success of your operation. From this knowledge, you can craft data-driven choices that will push your small winery to a higher level. Knowing your metrics also helps you to have a picture of what the future of your operation will be. It enables you to identify areas that you can capitalize on and uncover opportunities to improve your operation.

Establishing and Preserving a Presence on Social Media
Digital marketing consultants will start on this foot. They will seek to establish an impactful and notable presence on social media. Over 4 billion people are actively using social media. Let that sink in. more than half of the world’s population can be found on social media. This means that much of your market will be on this digital community. it would not be wise for you to pass on the opportunity to connect with them on social media platforms. Expert digital marketing consultants report that wineries that are actively coordinating social media marketing campaigns are doing an incredible job in increasing interest in their brand.

Share Your Story
Being effective on and off social media requires that your brand be genuine and relatable. The coveted millennial target audience likes to feel connected to a brand. This desire to feel connected is why millennials are supporting so many social media influencers. These influencers share their story and are consistently transparent about their experience. millennials love this and do all that that they can to support these people.

To make your customers feel more connected to your brand, you should share your company’s story through written posts, strategic photography and revealing videography. Be diligent in sharing the behind the scenes work of leading your business. for example, if you make your own wine, take photos and videos of you and your team harvesting when it is harvest time. seeing this type of digital content makes customers feel connected to a brand and this builds brand loyalty.

Implement Loyalty Programs
Marketing consultants will tell you that it costs a lot more to acquire new customers than it does to keep existing ones. Research also shows that existing customers will spend 67% more than new clients. This is why loyalty programs are so powerful in keeping a company alive. Loyalty programs reward customers for their continued support of the business through purchasing frequently. This often features special gifts or loyalty points. While this encourages customers to keep coming back, the information that you collect in the process is invaluable. You will learn more about your customer base and ultimately your potential customers. This information will positively impact your strategies going forward.

Include Special Offers or Gifts with Each Shipment
Including special gifts or offers with each purchase makes a customer feel great about their purchase. When a customer purchases a certain wine from your small wine business, you could issue a coupon or a free wine glass with the purchase. From this process, you can learn which products are good introductory products that encourage future business. if you ship your products, it is also wise to include free shipping for a new customer. this is a strategy that is useful in getting new online customers to try the products from your small winery.

Do Wine Tours with the Help of Other Wineries
There are customers who are obsessed with wine and would enjoy the opportunity to taste different wine options around your market area. This may seem counterproductive but coming together with other small wine businesses in your region to develop a wine tour would do wonders for your company and those who partner with you. Do not fear that the other companies will attract away your customers, instead, see it as an opportunity to further concretize your brand in the mind of your customers and the customers of the entire market region in which you operate. Marketing is undervalued and this is unfortunate.

For a small wine business, diligence in strategically sharing your brand message with consumers and stimulating demand for your product can significantly impact your sales. The companies that we see achieving an incredible amount of brand loyalty in the world today have done so because they are diligent in marketing. Do not think that your wine business is too small to enlist the help of a traditional marketing consultant or a digital consultant.

The investment you make in marketing will reap much more than you spend, in the long run. If you do not have the budget right away to get help from consultants, utilize some of the principles above that do not take much money to do while you save up to get professional assistance. Implement these basic marketing tips and increase the sales of your small winery.

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