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Cannabis Wine

Opportunities For Wineries In The Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is a lucrative industry and many other businesses are realizing this. Alcoholic beverages are now infused with cannabis, offering drinkers the chance to take their recreational drinking habits to new heights. Now wineries are looking into adding cannabis to their selections, too! As of October 2018, cannabis is now legal for recreational use in nine states and legal for medical purposes in 31 states.

However, cannabis is still illegal under Federal law since it’s still considered Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Because it’s illegal Federally, many companies have been reluctant to invest in cannabis. But despite public opinion and use, it’s unsure if it will later become Federally legal for both medical and recreational use. Even more so, cannabis regulation is still fragmented in a few states like California, where companies have to contend with country, local and state taxes and regulations.

But despite some Federal red tape, many companies are becoming open minded and are dabbling in the cannabis niche. There are actually many opportunities for wineries to leverage their position and brand in the cannabis space and here’s how:

  1. Pairing cannabis with wine
    Right now, cannabis can’t be consumed at public events in California, and the same is true for alcohol. But that line between private and public has a lot of gray area. If money is collected, then the event is considered public. But a winery can easily collaborate with an off-site event isn’t consumed, but the aromas of both products are tested. Or, the event could be exclusive to winery members who are already paying for their wine shipments and not the event.
  2. Licensing
    A winery can easily license its name to use on cannabis products that are sold by a reputable cannabis distributor or manufacturer. Although this sounds like an easy thing, it can get quite complicated, especially when it comes to the payment structure, so make sure you work everything out before going this route.
  3. Tours
    There are many wine regions in California, such as Sonoma and Napa. Both are quite popular for tours that actually pair stops at both dispensaries and wineries. However, the winery only receives the guests and no cannabis is eaten at the winery. Many people are interested in cannabis wineries and offering a unique tour will help you attract a different kind of customer.
  4. Cannabis-Infused Wine
    There’s a huge market for cannabis-infused drinks and if you’re an innovative winemaker, you might want to explore combining cannabis with dealcoholized wine. It could be a very hot item for you! Cannabis wineries are getting noticed and are becoming quite popular with both cannabis and wine enthusiasts.

If you’re interested in becoming one of the few cannabis wineries, you can also learn more about how to incorporate it into your marketing strategy by attending a cannabis convention. There are many types of cannabis convention options all across the country. These conventions not only allow you to meet first hand with cannabis manufacturers, but you also get to network with other businesses looking to profit from the popularity of cannabis.

You’ll also be able to sit on various seminars and forums to learn more about cannabis and how to incorporate it into your business. These cannabis conventions are great ways to analyze, assess and implement various ways you can take advantage of this upcoming goods niche. There are even cannabis conventions dedicated to cannabis drinks, so that wineries can understand how it impacts their industry and how to best go about incorporating cannabis into their product.

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