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San Diego Wine

Top 10 San Diego Wineries for Visitors

San Diego is a major tourist attraction site and as they say, there is nothing better that having a glass of wine on one hand and sunscreen on the other. There are no bad days in San Diego given the favorable climate to busk out in the sun and having a chance to taste some of the most celebrated wine bottle in the region. San Diego wineries are considered some of the best in the world. Whether on the beach or at the roof top as you watch the spectacular sun set, San Diego offers an exhilarating place to fill your wine glass. Some of the best San Diego wineries that you should be aware of as a visitor include:

Negociant Winery

Negociant winery on the Boulevard section of the North Park neighborhood will offer you a place to do hipster things like yoga, besides giving you a chance to get tipsy on a budget. The winery offers its visitors five tastings and generous pours at only $10. The prices are very favorable and everyone can enjoy the variety of wines produced at the winery. Also, the have cheese tastings and charcuterie plates that give the visitors a mind-blowing experience.

Bernardo Winery

Bernardo Winery is the oldest in Southern California and it was founded in 1889. This winery offers five wine tastings at $ 12 on their outdoor patio. Alternatively, you have the option of choosing a little entertainment such as Sunset Art Walk that is available every Friday night, Farmers market or even live Music on Sundays. The main wines available at this winery are the merlots and Syrahs. The Bernardo winery also offers its visitors two scrumptious banqueting experiences at café Merlot and V’s Coffee & Charcuterie that are located in their courtyard.

Koi Zen Cellars Urban Winery

Koi Zen is all about embracing their visitors and making them feel as though they are part of the family. The winery offer 5-6 releases on hand for wine tasting at $10 and a private tasting at $25 per person of you are more sociable. They also accommodate other events such as art shows, wine classes, hanging out on a weekend with your friends, live music and arts & crafts. They artisan wines include Malbec, Chardonnay, Carbanet Sauvignon, petite Syrah and sauvignon Blanc.

Pali Wine Company

Pali is a big winery owned by two entrepreneurs and it produces over 20,000 cases of wine per year. Located at the heart of Little Italy, this winery offers you a impeccable place to rest on the rooftop with a flight of 5 wine tastings at $15. Their varieties of wines include sauvignon Blanc, viognier, petite verdot, dornfelder and sunset rose. They offer their visitors events such as weekly specials, live music and throwback Thursday events.

Blue Door Urban Winery

This winery is considered both good to visit and educational as well. If you happen to visit them during the harvest season¸ they will give you a wine-making lesson and participate in the actual wine-making process. Events common at Blue Door winery include paint night, live comedy shows and the wine tastings. They are heavy on reds varietals such as zin and sangiovese.

Gianni Buonomo Vintners

This winery imports its grapes from Washington and they mainly specialize in red wines. They offer a four-tasting flight at $12 and a five-tasting flight at $15. Their sangiovese brand is the real magic. The wine tasting paired with one of their chees and charcuterie platters offer the perfect experience.

Milagro Wines

Milagro winery features about 110acres of rolling hills, giant moss covered with vineyards and boulders, providing a perfect landscape for hiking. Their wine tasking costs $12. Additionally, you can participate in the bocce ball or horseback riding. This winery is among the few that offer the widest areas for other events other than wine tasting. It is one of the best wineries to visit with exciting blends of red wines, ports and Bordeaux-style merlots.

Vineyard Grant James

Vineyard Grant James is an Italian-villa inspired winery located in the valleys of Ramona. The average cost of wine bottles is $38 and their tasting are available at modest cost of $10. They specialize in red wines whose flavor is complex, unique and vibrant to the palate. They have outdoor dinners which are set upon reservation with farm-to-table food and the best wine servings.

Turtle Rock Ridge Vineyard

The Turtle Rock Ridge winery is an award winning winery located in the beautiful valleys of Ramona. The winery itself is as appealing as the surrounding mountains themselves. The tasting goes for $10 but if you are interested in keeping the custom glass, you pay $18. They also offer a blend of red wine with a mix of beery flavors & spice as well as hello juicy; the favorite sangria. Every visitor is given a complementary tour around the winery where you can get information of the whole wine-making process and even barrel tasting for the few lucky visitors.

Orfila Winery

The Orfila vineyards occupy over 70acres of land in San Pasqual valley in San Diego. Grapes have been grown and wines have been produced on the vineyards since 1973. The views of the winery are remarkable and there is even a picnic area with a grape arbor that provides a perfect spot to sit and enjoy a glass of their wine selection. The tasting room, which is a large warehouse also contains a variety of snacks. It has for serving areas meaning that it can accommodate a large number of customers at any particular time.

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