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Wine Bar Design

Wine Bar Design

Wine bar can offer a great addition and style to your space. With a glass of wine, what could be more soothing than an aesthetically designed place? Wine bar provides a luxurious and enhanced look to your space. You can even consider various themes to attain inspiration for the wine bar design such as peaceful island retreats. With rustic wood, embellished decoration, exquisite artworks, antique rugs, and neon sign, you can attain a pleasant and cozy place to sit back and have a sip in style. Here are some of the ideas that can be considered for the wine bar designing.

Wine Bar Styles
From straight wet bar, wrap around bar, outdoor bar, to portable part bar, there are multiple options that can help you in attaining inspiration. Consider including storage cabinets and portable shelves. Add some aesthetic and antique glasses and bottles to enhance the overall vibe of your place. Make sure your home bar is heat resistant, waterproof, and functional enough. Don’t forget to add a small refrigerator along with antique rugs to attain more convenience. You can even take some inspiration from the Oporto Almacén, Buenos Aires which has white tiles, rustic floor, along with an industrial style space that adds warmth to space.

Wine Bar Decoration
Customized wine bars can be the perfect place to sit back and relax. The addition of wall shelves, bar stools, antique rugs, aesthetic crockery, and home bar table can help in providing the perfect decoration for your wine bar. This will not only provide luxury but also add comfort to your space. From wood, plastic, chrome, to iron, you have multiple materials to customize your stools and racks with. You can even attain some inspiration from the Aldo Sohm Wine Bar, New York City which is meant to feel like a living room due to the customized U-shaped sofa and high-topped tables.

Wine Bar Accessories
Consider adding some modern accessories to the wine bar. The matching accessories with the wooden bar will make you enjoy every sip of your drink. Tempered glass, stylish veener, rustic woods with a blend of curvy detail will make your place look more alluring. Home bar cabinets, barrel holders, and beer barrel are some essential accessories to make your wine bar look more classic, elegant, and traditional. You can also get some inspiration from the Vestiges wine bar located in Lisbon which is a 19th-century brick warehouse with mismatched artworks.

Wine Bar Shelves
You can even add customized shelves made from metal, open glass, and salvaged wood. Combined with colorful LED lights, this can help you in giving the contemporary vibe to your area. You can even attain some inspiration from the Riedel Room war bine in Hong Kong that is a small area with a touch of whimsy and elegant large berry colored arch. The addition of wine bar shelves can truly enhance the vibe of small spaces visually.

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